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Adultery: Statistics on Cheating Spouses

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" Excerpts from The More You Know - Getting the evidence and support you need to investigate a troubled relationship."

Since 1971 William F. Mitchell, Jr. has documented the activities of those who commit adultery. As an investigator proving thousands of adultery, Mr. Mitchell has compiled these statistics:

About Marriages and Divorce:
• 50-70 percent of all American marriages end in divorce.
• Within the last decade, incidents of adultery have risen to this alarming rate of 50-70 percent in America.

About the Adulterers:
• 100 percent of adulterers violate the trust they shared and enjoyed with their spouse.
• 10-20 percent of spouse's cheating begins as Internet affairs in chat rooms or at game websites.
• 75 percent of adulterers are middle-class wage earners.
• 1-5 percent of adulterers are pastors or clergy.
• 90 percent of clergy divide churches and cause spiritual upheaval within their sphere of influence. Many congregants become skeptical, bitter and resentful.
• 60-70 percent of adultery victims are women.
• 30-40 percent of adultery victims are men. This number has increased dramatically over the past decade and a half, due in part to the increased presence of women in the workplace.
• 10-15 percent of female victims are between the ages of 20-25 years old.
• 50-75 percent of female victims are between the ages of 25-50 years old.
• 1-2 percent of female victims are married more than 25 years to the same spouse.
• 10-20 percent of adultery victims claim to be Christians, and the cheating spouse usually is a regular attendant of church or religious activities.
• 15-20 percent are repeat offenders.
• 99.9 percent deny they are having an affair and hide the truth! The exception is when they confess without being forced into it.
• 70-80 percent who willing confess to infidelity recovery and enjoy a stronger marriage in time.

About the Affair:• 50-75 percent of extramarital affairs take place with someone from the workplace.
• 70-80 percent of the time, extramarital activity lasts six months to a year but not longer.
• 20-25 percent of adulterers frequent motels or hotels.
• 75 percent of sexual activity occurs in a residence, apartment, or office location.
• 80-85 percent of domestic relations investigations reveal evidence of adultery when one spouse questions the other's devotion and loyalty.
• 30-50 percent of affairs involve alcohol during their indiscretions.
• 50 percent of extramarital affairs take place under cover of darkness or in the shadow of the night.
• 50-65 percent of extramarital affairs occur on weekends.
• 10-15 percent of marriages survive affairs after professional or non-professional (clergy) counseling where the act of forgiveness occurs.
• 10-25 percent of spouses having affairs bring financial ruin to their marital home.
• 10 percent of affairs result in physical abuse with their spouse at some stage of the affair.
• 100 percent of extramarital affairs take their toll on biological and stepchildren.
Don't make any sudden moves!
Confronting your partner too soon will only help him or her hide their tracks and go deeper into denial and hiding. Author Bill Mitchell, a licensed private investigator, has helped thousands of individuals successfully find out if their partners are cheating and catch them! Use his smart, proven steps to immediately take charge of your situation and your life.
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Bill Mitchell, © Bill Mitchell, 7-Day Detective 2005, is an internationally renowned author who is recognized for his practical, solution-based investigative strategies to marriages facing infidelity. As a recognized expert on infidelity and child custody, Bill Mitchell, appears regularly as a guest expert on TV and national talk shows including Dr. Phil, Today Show, The Early Show and FoxNews He has been interviewed by numerous publications including Chicago Tribune, Esquire, New York Post, New Jersey Herald, Ladies Home Journal Online, and PI Magazine.

Bill Mitchell is the author of 2 books including Adultery: Facing Its Reality and The More You Know – Getting the evidence and support you need to investigate a troubled relationship (Eagle’s Nest Publications, LLC 2004).

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